r o c o c o BRIDES


Your Bridal Appointment is a unique shopping experience unlike any other you will ever encounter.
rococo BRIDES is a bridal shop in Calgary dedicated to helping brides find their dream wedding dresses in the most relaxed and memorable way.
For all you gorgeous Brides searching for your Wedding gowns in Calgary you may have many questions!
The following will hopefully outline and guide you through some of your thoughts and questions.

Do I need an appointment?
Our doors are always open and all guests are welcome BUT…

Yes, you will be required to book an appointment for any fittings & access into the Salon.  With a secured appointment, we can make certain that you and your group will receive the very best experience and service.  Every guest is required to be checked in at the front desk.

What should I bring to my appointment?
Arrive with an open mind! The perfect dress often ends up being something you may not have previously considered.  We’ll show you why the right dress truly is the right dress for you based on your vision, venue, body style and budget.

You may definitely bring along any ideas and photos that you would like to share with your consultant…we love listening and seeing what inspires you!

Other things you may want to consider while trying on wedding gowns are your undergarments.

Nude, strapless and seamless are often the best choice for sampling a variety of wedding dresses.

How long is my bridal appointment?
Your Bridal appointment is booked for 1 Hour.

This gives you enough time to try on approximately 7-10 gowns and then re-visit your favorite(s).

When you find your dream wedding gown…you’ll be in for a beautiful surprise, and you, and your group will get to celebrate rococo style!

At rococo BRIDES we also offer Exclusive viewings.  This is for the bride who wishes to have the entire store to herself, family and friends.  These appointments run for 2 Hours and include many special treats.  If this is something you would like to learn more about, you may call us directly at 403.200.6999.

When should I start looking for my gown?
Our designers lead time is anywhere from 6-7 months and we highly recommend 2 months for alterations.  We are also able to assist brides who need wedding gowns quickly but there will be a rush fee charged by the manufacturer.  For our brides who have absolutely no time to place a special order or rush… we can help by showing you our ready to wear off the rack gowns.

What is the price range of your gowns?
Our gowns start at $1500 and go up to $10,000.

Keep an eye out for special events, sample sales and trunk shows for amazing savings!

Have a different budget in mind?... don't be shy.  We will help you find that dream gown.

Who should I bring to my appointment?
Ladies, less is more!  We understand how excited you are but remembering to not overwhelm yourself is so important.  This is an experience you will want to cherish forever.  Many of our rococo BRIDES say, “Yes” to their wedding dresses with a small group or on their own and then if need be, come by again to celebrate and show off the gown they chose to friends or family that were not part of the initial appointment!  Celebrate once…why not celebrate twice! We kindly ask that you limit your guests on Saturdays to a maximum of 4 & weekdays to a maximum of 5 guests. If you have a larger group, please call us at 403.200.6999 for details.

How do I know what size to order?
Once you have found the perfect dress and have made the decision to place an order, a professional consultant will take careful measurements to ensure the best and closest fitting size according to that designer’s sizing chart is ordered.  It is important that you are part of the measuring process.  While a size is recommended by your consultant, the size and color is always the bride’s decision.

How do fittings work?
Once your wedding dress has arrived to the Salon, you will be notified and you will be scheduled in to try on your gown! We will then have you visit with our amazing seamstress, who can do magic! By the time you see the seamstress, it is highly recommended that you have found the style of shoe you will be wearing on your big day.  Also, any special undergarments that you have chosen to wear under your gown.  These items should be worn and brought along for your fittings with the seamstress. 

What is a Trunk Show?
This is a wonderful and important question. Trunk Shows are events that we host right in rococo BRIDES. Often, you will only find some of the gowns in house from your favorite designers but when a Trunk Show is present you will have the opportunity to view and try on all of the gorgeous gowns from that designer’s collection. During Trunk Shows you will also experience fabulous savings on your gown!  When you are interested in a Trunk Show… you will want to book quickly as these events are very popular and fill up!


We hope that all of the above has helped and guided you through some of your thoughts & questions on finding your dream wedding dress!  We hope to meet and see you in our bridal shop soon!

With unsurpassed customer service, attention to all detail & our expertise, brides continue to choose in becoming  a true rococo BRIDE.