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Exclusive Viewing

During your Exclusive Viewing,  you, your family and friends would have the Entire Store to yourselves!
Exclusive viewings are available upon request and availability only.
Call to inquire about what is included in your Exclusive viewing event.
Book your exclusive viewing at  r o c o c o  & celebrate in  Style!
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Giving Back

At  r o c o c o Brides we feel it is extremely important to give back or help our community  whenever possible.  It is our privilege to work together with the Canadian Cancer Society!

r o c o c o Brides has launched The Pink & Yellow Dress Foundation where each month a beautiful gown will be featured in our store honoring the Canadian Cancer Society & The Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation. We honor EVERY child, woman and man who has been affected by any Cancerous disease.  The featured gown will be for sale and most importantly, if this gown is your dream dress and is purchased....half of the purchase price goes straight to the charity and YOU will have made a difference.

If you would like to see this months Pink & Yellow Dress! Or are interested in helping others fighting any type of Cancer, please visit us or call 

r o c o c o Brides at 403-200-6999.

Thank you


Le Petite Glam Parlour /AVAILABLE SOON           
Hair,  Accessory & Make Up Demos.... so you can get an idea of what you will look like on your big day!

A gorgeous excuse to catch up with girls, to celebrate your engagement or to find and purchase the perfect bridal accessories for your big day!

This Exclusive Event is available upon request and availability only.

Call to inquire about what is included in your, Le Petite Glam Parlour Event.  

Book and celebrate  r o c o c o  Style!


With unsurpassed customer service, attention to all detail & our expertise, brides continue to choose in becoming  a true rococo BRIDE.